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The Life Raft
OOC Community
INFO: Hiatuses 
5th-Feb-2008 12:53 pm
Writing: Fountain Pen

  • A hiatus may be taken for any reason; there is no requirement to explain or justify it. Your business is your business.

  • A hiatus may be taken for a period of up to 21 days (three weeks), beginning the next day after your hiatus request.

  • Hiatuses are longer than four days. If you're taking a long weekend to visit Grandma or driving off for a concert, or have a business meeting to prepare for, just put up an AFK note in the OOC comm and make sure those your characters interact with know about your absence.

  • There will be no double-hiatuses. Nor can hiatuses be used back-to-back. (For example, taking a two week hiatus, posting once or twice and then taking another hiatus.) If you need that much time off on a regular basis, then clearly you do not have time available for fair participation in this game.

  • Hiatuses are based on players and not characters. There is no such thing as a half-hiatus. You are either an active player or you are not. If you cannot participate actively with all your characters, then clearly you need to drop one or more of them.

  • If you absolutely feel the need to shelve a character temporarily due to creativity problems, or a strange/daunting turn of events in the game, or other reasons, you may be permitted to do so but you must discuss with it moderator so that we may determine if perhaps you simply have more characters than you can handle.

If you need a hiatus, please comment here with the following information:
Your name
Your email address
Expected duration of hiatus
Characters affected

All comments will be screened.
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