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The Life Raft
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INFO: Moderator Contact 
5th-Feb-2008 06:18 pm
Writing: Fountain Pen
Moderator Contact

For the convenience of our players, we have the collective moderator email (thelifeboatmods@gmail.com). You should use this email for general questions, suggestions, to give us something, to ask for affliation, etc. Also, you may contact us via this post which screens all comments automatically.

If you would like to contact someone immediately due to an emergency or a specific moderator (or would just like to know who we are around the colony site), we are as follows:

LJ: lost_mckay
YAHOO!: bigblackwaggylab
EMAIL: bigblackwaggylab@gmail.com

LJ: sinanju
AIM: aardvarkingmad
EMAIL: sinanju@pacifier.com

LJ: fikgirl
AIM: Fikgirl
(*please do not randomly IM me; if it's regarding the game, please preface your IM with "Lifeboat," "About the RP" or something along those lines)
EMAIL: fikgirl@gmail.com
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